Bloody Noes

Tha Crue:

DJ Cardboard:
An elemental.
Part of the universe.
Usually knows what to do.

MC Drywall:
A monster and also the wizard/scientist who created that monster.
A large, bumbling, dimwitted klutz with a heart of gold.
Has a very high voice / is a rapper.

Rainbow Face:
A party animal.
Kind of a bad guy, actually.
We still hang out with him, though.

Gas Can Scam:
No one knows where Gas Can Scam came from.
Has been known to twerk.

The Nun:
Good at pot rituals.
Everyone's a little scared of her.

A good friend that lives with DJ Cardboard and MC Drywall.
Only has a head.

Fry Guy:
Related to DJ Cardboard, but different.
When Fry Guy's here, it's time to celebrate.
Just a really awesome dude.

The Bloody Noes' home world.
Shaped like a loop (both time and space)
They're still there.

This World:
But they're also in this world. It's complicated.

The Cube:
Would you say that the Cube is the "God" of LoopspooL and the Bloody Noes?
Ehhhh... not really.
But, a nice idea.

The Star:
Opens up a way from This World to LoopspooL.
Good vibes.

Makes people fall in love, dummy!

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